Nestled along the banks of the Occoquan River, the historic town of Occoquan, Virginia, provides a special opportunity to enjoy an eclectic mix of the past and present in a wonderful small town atmosphere.  Settled by Europeans in the middle of the 18th century, with a name taken from the language of local Native Americans,  Occoquan has been home to a variety of river-related industries, all of which have left their mark on the town in one form or another.  Iron manufacturing, grain processing, rock quarrying, the lumber and river-ice trades, shipbuilding, and excursion boating have all enjoyed a heyday. 

Today Occoquan offers an oasis in a hectic world, with brick sidewalks, traditional gaslights, and friendly people.  In the six-square-block historic merchant district one can enjoy over a hundred shops and restaurants, relax on riverside benches, and learn more about local attractions at our Prince William County Tourist Information Center.  Of course, we hope you will take a little time to learn about Occoquan’s history while you are here.  In addition to shops and restaurants, our merchant district contains more than a dozen historical markers, vintage buildings, and our free Mill House Museum.  And throughout the year we host a wide variety of family-friendly special events open to all.  
We are very grateful that you have chosen to visit Occoquan and we hope that you will come back to see us often.
Earnie Porta
Mayor, Town of Occoquan

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